ICM Autism Therapy Program

To promote life skills development by providing home-based autism therapies to children and adolescents throughout Arkansas.

ICM Autism Therapy Program

To promote life skills development by providing home-based autism therapies to children and adolescents throughout Arkansas.

What is the Autism Program?


The ICM Autism Therapy Program consists of home-based therapies designed to provide evidenced-based interventions to children diagnosed with autism to cultivate life skill development and independence. ICM employs and contracts with Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Consultants, Lead Therapists and Line Therapists to deliver interventions. ICM offers two primary options for receiving autism-based therapies, Autism Waiver and EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment)

Autism Waiver:

For children 18 months to eight years old, ICM offers early, intensive intervention services within the home through a partnership with the University of Arkansas and the Arkansas Department of Human Services (i.e., Arkansas Partnership Program or AAP). The AAP is a Medicaid Waiver program that waives parental income for participation; there is no cost or copay for this program. Parents enroll their children in the program prior to the child turning five years of age; children can remain enrolled for up to three years.

Our statewide program provides one-to-one intervention with the child in the home for 20 to 25 hours per week by a team of therapists. The team utilizes evidenced-based individualized strategies to help children develop skills in the areas of cognition, communication, self-care, socialization, and appropriate behavior. All services are individualized to meet the unique needs of each child.

Parental or guardian participation is a significant strength of the Autism Waiver program. Parents are considered active members of the team for treatment and are trained to use strategies included in their child’s treatment plan. Parents are present during each therapy session equipping them to implement parts of the treatment plan at least 14 hours per week when therapists are not present.

To learn more on the Autism Waiver program or to apply, visit:



ICM also offers autism therapy (i.e., Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA) to children and adolescents not eligible for the Arkansas Waiver or for those who recently completed the program via the Arkansas Medicaid program called EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment). EPSDT is a federally mandated child health component of Medicaid designed to bring comprehensive health care to individuals eligible for medical assistance from birth until their 21st birthday. Autism services through EPSDT and Autism Waiver services cannot occur at the same time. Most commonly, children receive ABA autism services through EPSDT following the completion of the Autism Waiver program.

The EPSDT program offers ABA therapy in the child’s home with the parent or guardian present. Therapy ranges from 10-30 hours per week, depending on the needs of the child. Autism therapies are provided by Board-Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians.

What Makes ICM’s Autism Program Different?

ICM strongly believes in an individualized approach to delivering autism therapy. Our therapists spend a significant amount of time getting to know each child and family to customize the treatment plan and to effectively meet each child’s unique needs. ICM strongly believes in therapies being delivered in the child’s normal environment so that the skills learned are more naturally applied. All of our autism therapies are provided within the child’s home and in the presence of the parent(s). ICM therapists undergo an extensive vetting and onboarding process including background checks, drug screens, and robust training.

How to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about ICM’s autism therapy program or are interested in employment, please contact us at ICMautism@icm-inc.org  or 501-228-0063 today!


Testimonials from Autism Program Families and Team Members


“Our team with ICM has been the biggest blessing! Our moderate-severe autistic son has a sleeping disorder, and they are the only provider to work around this! They are so consistent with our son, professional and kind. They have changed our lives for the better—giving us and our son new tools to better communicate and understand each other. We are forever grateful!!”


“When our son 1st received the diagnosis of autism, it left me and his father feeling devastated, isolated, and hopeless.  Especially, because we lived in such a small rural town, we worried about what services would be available to help us. With my husband and I both working, trying to meet all the needs of our son while not neglecting his sister, we found ourselves exhausted and with little time to focus on our marriage. Thankfully in the large stack of papers given to us from the doctor at the time of diagnosis, there was a pamphlet on the Arkansas Autism Partnership Program. We were able to apply and were blessed to have a spot open up just before the cut-off point of our son’s 5th birthday.

Nobody could have prepared us for the process of ABA therapy. The program is extremely challenging on the child as well as the rest of the family. However, I can easily say that this program completely changed our lives. Early intervention is the key and ABA training helps to achieve all that is possible for one’s child. This training is also provided to the parents so that therapy continues long after the child graduates from the program. Amazingly, this program allows the therapy to happen in the home no matter how rural of a town. Also, another benefit that we experienced was that we qualified for the service since it was not based on our income, but rather our son’s need for therapy. Our insurance did not cover ABA therapy; therefore, we never could have afforded to pay for the hours we received. Our son is a walking, talking, functional testimony of the success that is possible with the early intervention provided to children in all areas of the state through the Arkansas Autism Partnership Program.”


 In June of 2016, at the age of 2, my son Ryan was diagnosed with Autism. I was very unfamiliar with Autism and knew very little. Through his pediatrician, I heard about a Home Therapy program for Autistic children, Autism Waiver. After getting the paperwork filled out, I was then asked to choose which home therapy program I would like. I chose Independent Case Management, and am very thankful that I did. When Ryan started the program in March of 2017, at age 3, he could say a total of 3 words. His only way of communicating with me was to grab my hand and lead me to what he wanted. Within 6 months of this amazing program, my child was talking in 5 to 7 word sentences and could verbally tell me what he needed. With this program, my child has learned so much. I was unsure of what his future would be like, if he would be able to attend school, or even sit in a regular classroom. Last year, he was able to walk across the stage at kindergarten graduation, after spending the whole year in a regular class. Without Independent Case Management, and the amazing therapists and consultants helping my child, I do not know where he would be today. I cannot tell you enough how thankful I AM for this program.


“ABA Therapy has made a huge difference in my son’s life. He has consistently passed expectations and surprises me on a daily basis ever since he began. Not only does his therapy team focus on the tasks he needs to complete, but they genuinely love him. Many of his goals are tailored to him, such as the use of visual charts that he responds well too. The communication of schedules, how the paperwork breaks down, tips for working with him when they are gone and how he is progressing, is exceptional! His team feels like part of the family and they give me hope for his future and growth.”


“ICM has listened to us in the past, promptly correcting an issue we had.  The therapist they provided was top notch, keeping her work professional.  Our son has began to blossom, using words and sentences to ask about things.  We were beginning to think that he would never be able to communicate those things, but with the help of having a therapist, he is crossing some milestones!”


“Working at ICM as a Line Therapist, Lead Therapist, and then eventually as a Consultant/BCBA has given me a unique opportunity to see the organization from many sides. I love the in-home experience that ICM offers. I find that bringing ABA therapy to families, meeting them where they are, is both powerful and rewarding. The other therapists have found a way to be supportive and helpful of each other, creating a network even without the shared workspace. ICM is a company that allows the behavior analysts to grow, flourish, and work hard to change lives. I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to work with ICM to service our clients and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!”

-ICM Therapist

“I love that I get to go to work every day and do what I love. I’m making a visible difference while pursuing my passion in this field. ICM has provided me with great supervisors/mentors who have opened my eyes to the world of behavior analysis. I love what I do.”

-ICM Therapist