About Us

Our Story


ICM is a not-for-profit organization that provides home and community-based supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) throughout the state of Arkansas. Created in 1988, ICM began as a pilot project in partnership with the State of Arkansas to implement a 1915c Medicaid home and community-based supports waiver for people with IDD. Today, ICM supports over 280 people with IDD and has approximately 600 employees. The majority of funding stems from Medicaid services that ICM provides to people with IDD within their homes and communities. Other state-wide services include therapies for children with autism, an innovative community center in Little Rock, foster care, and employment supports for people with IDD. To support pre-employment skill readiness, ICM owns and operates three retail stores in Little Rock and a fried pie manufacturing business in Prescott. The main administrative office is located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Some History

H-Street: 1988-1990

  • ICM created in August
  • Pilot project for individualized services concept, known as Arkansas Medicaid Waiver
  • Both Waiver & ICM expanded statewide

Kavanaugh: 1994-1999

  • Waiver allowed providers to offer both case management & services
  • ICM enrolled as a waiver service provider

Merrill Drive: 2014-

  • Expanded day supports to add BRAVO
  • Opened 3 retail stores
  • Continue comprehensive quality improvement efforts agency-wide

Tanglewood: 1991-1993

  • ICM doubled in size – twice
  • Opened two field offices

Kanis: 2000-2014

  • Built new Little Rock office
  • Opened one field office
  • Began planning for changes & quality improvement

Our Vision

A world where people live in their community of choice, have opportunities for a great quality of life and are treated with dignity and respect.

Our Mission

To provide excellent home and community-based services and supports to individuals and their families across Arkansas.

Core Values and Beliefs

EQUALITY. ICM embraces the notion that all people are equal and have certain rights including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

FREEDOM. ICM believes that people should have the freedom to exercise their human agency and live the lives they want.

OPPORTUNITIES. Believing that people are equal and should be free is not sufficient on its own to create positive change. ICM employees must also strive to create opportunities for people to have meaningful choices in their lives.

DOING OUR BEST. Each ICM employee should do their best in all they do. We are responsible for human lives; giving less than our best is not acceptable.

IMPORTANCE. All customers and employees are valued as human beings and should be treated with dignity and respect.

HONESTY. Employees are to be honest and well-intentioned in everything they do.

GREAT SERVICE. Our passion for supporting others drives the delivery of our services. Every interaction with customers, employees, and the public should be characterized by kindness, compassion, friendliness, and helpfulness.

ICM Strives to Maintain the Following Rights for All People Supported

  • To be free from physical or psychological abuse or neglect, retaliation, humiliation, and financial exploitation.
  • To have control over their own financial resources, wherever possible.
  • To receive, purchase, have, and use personal property.
  • To actively and meaningfully make decisions affecting one’s own life.
  • To access information pertinent to the individual in sufficient time to facilitate decision making.
  • To have privacy.
  • To be able to associate and communicate publicly or privately with any person or group of the individual’s choice.
  • To practice the religion of choice.
  • To seek external advocacy services from any organization or person of their choosing at any time or for any purpose.
  • To be free from the inappropriate use of physical or chemical restraint, medication, or physician’s order or as a substitute for treatment.
  • To be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To receive due process.
  • To offer input into all services/support.
  • To have access to their own records including information on how funding is accessed and utilized and what services were billed for on the individuals’ behalf.
  • To have informed consent or refusal or expression of choice in regard to service delivery, the release of information, concurrent services, and composition of the service delivery team.
  • To have investigation and resolution of an alleged infringement of rights and that the agency will maintain documentation of such investigations.
  • To have the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
  • To be afforded all other applicable legal and constitutional rights.




Josh Wilson, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer
Kathryn Rogers, CPA Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Dawn Drennan Chief Operating Officer
Kevin Liang, J.D. Project Director & General Counsel
Dottie Lou Benedetti Quality Assurance Director
Steven Hitt Flywheel Pies Director


Jillian Tomagos, M.P.A. Autism Program Director
Katrina Walton, M.S.W. Foster Care Director
Katie Baker Community Supports Director (North)
Tanna Sykes Community Supports Director (South)